The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the name of the Indian city of Bangalore are tall buildings, IT companies, software engineers, aspiring students, world-class medical facilities, finest airport, Bisi Bele Bath, Kara Bath and of course the military hotel at the end.

Suppose you are getting bored with your daily routine and Kara bath. In that case, you can go out with your friends to enjoy and taste the delicious mouthwatering Paya and Donne Biriyani directly coming out from the kitchens of the military hotel situated in different corners of Bengaluru.


History of Military hotels

Back into the ages when the Maratha soldiers are feeling homesick, and craving for meaty food. The military hotel was established to satisfy their craving towards the meaty food. From that time onwards till now military hotels has multiplied in numbers. Still, according to the sources SG Rao military hotel was one of the oldest military hotel and it was established in the year 1908 by S Govinda Rao, and he was himself a Maratha. First military hotel (SG RAO military hotel) was found in the cottonpet locality of the Bengaluru city.


SG Rao Military Hotel: 


SG Rao military Hotel is one of the oldest Military Hotel in Namma Bengaluru. SG Rao military hotel is carrying out its culinary legacy for over more than 111 years. Govind Rao founded SG Rao military hotel, and later on, the military hotel charge was taken over by his son Ganesh Rao. 


Some of the favorite items of SG RAO military hotel are Paya soup, keema curry, idli, Raggi mudde, pulao, Biriyani, mutton pepper fry, and chili chicken. All of these dishes are prepared in the nati style. The restaurant opens at 6 AM early in the morning. 


Another important thing to note about SG RAO Miliarty hotel is its serving style. To date, SG RAO military hotel is serving their food items on Patris ( dried leaves), making the restaurant environment friendly. 


SG RAO MILITARY hotel is located at 221 police road, Ranasinghpete, Sultanpete, Bengaluru. 




Shivaji military hotel is located near the Banashankari bus stop in South Bengaluru. Shivaji military hotel is one of the most iconic restaurant of Bengaluru. This particular military hotel is famous for its authentic Donne biriyani. In general lamb is used in most of the mutton preparation of Shivaji military hotel. Usually, Shivaji Military hotel starts its operation, typically, around 8 am and closes at 3.30 pm. Throughout the day restaurant remains overcrowded with Bangaloreans who are coming to the restaurant to taste the signature dish of Shivaji military hotel, which is Donne biriyani.  



Ranganna military hotel is located in Jayanagar Bengaluru for almost six decades. Ranganna military hotel mainly serves Non-Vegetarian food prepared in local style. Rangana military hotel is one of its kind because food served over here is very hearty. Another chief characteristic of Ranganna military hotel is the presence of an open kitchen which increases the transparency.

Some of the famous dishes of Ranagana military hotel which attracts a huge number of crowd are Raggi mudde which is served along with Saru, Kaal soup, Mutton Pulao, kheema gojju and even the chicken leg is also very famous.

These are the three famous military hotels of Bengaluru, and if you know, any other military hotel other than this three, then please let me know.