Eateries which are famous for their Dosa in Bengaluru are: 

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CTR is situated in Malleshwarsam in Bengaluru. CTR is famous for its Set dosa, Benne Masala Dosa, Masala Dosa, Golli Bajji, and filter coffee. The food which is served here in CTR is incredible and affordable. CTR remains crowded throughout the day.

Here in CTR, Benne Masala Dosa is served with Gatti chutney accompanied by a regular chutney prepared from mint and coriander. One important thing which I have learned from my research and experience that most of the traditional restaurants here in Bengaluru use to serve their dosa without sambar. Set Dosa in CTR is served along with Sagu & Gatti chutney. Golli Bajji is served along with coconut chutney. Every meal in CTR remains incomplete without a filter coffee.

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Airlines Hotel

Airlines Hotel is located in the heart of Bengaluru city in the central business district. The Indian city of Bengaluru is surrounded by tall buildings and which are still increasing in numbers. But Airlines hotel allows its customers to enjoy their meal in their garden-style restaurant. Alfresco style of dining acts as an added advantage for the airlines restaurant, which attracts an enormous amount of customers.

Every weekend the restaurant remains fully packed with customers not only on weekends but also on working days it remains crowded. Butter masala dosa, Paper butter masala dosa, Masala Dosa, and some other dishes are also available.

Shree Balaji 99 variety Dosa

Shree Balaji 99 variety Dosa is located in Koramangala Bengaluru. Shree Balaji 99 dosa is serving their dosa with a twist, and because of this twist, Shree Balaji 99 dosa has earned a massive amount of popularity. They mainly use different toppings like cheese and various kinds of sauce and chutneys as their stuffing instead of traditional pallaya.

Some of the new age dosa, which are quite popular among Bangaloreans, are Pizza Dosa, Pav bhaji dosa, Dilkhush Dosa & many more.