Without wasting not much of your time, it’s better to dig into the vast world of authentic Bengali dishes which are best suited for a perfect Bengali lunch. In this particular blog, we will discuss some of the authentic Bengali non-vegetarian dishes which are very famous throughout the different corners of the world.


Muri Ghonto:

Muri Ghonto can be listed as one of the important Bengali delicacy which is prepared from the fish head, gobindobhog rice,onion and diced potato and the entire cooking process should be carried out in ghee.

Gobindobhog rice is used instead of regular rice because gobindobhog rice use to have its own  aroma which enhances the richness of the entire dish.

Bhetki macher kata chachori:

The term chachori can create significant confusion among the persons who are not native to Bengal or Bengali language. Most of the Bengali people like to eat their dal along with a side dish, and Chachori is the all-time favourite side dish of the Bengali's which goes well with the dal. Similarly bhetki macher kata chachori is a best-suited side dish for an authentic Bengali lunch. In this particular dish fish head and bony parts of the fish are cooked along with potato, onion and brinjal.  


Katla Kalia:

Kalia and Korma are the two important stanchion of the entire Mughlai cuisine. Kalia and Korma are very similar to each other, but the ingredients used in preparing both the dishes makes all the difference. In Kalia either milk or water is used to make the liquid portion of the gravy on the other hand in Korma fresh cream or malai is generally used to thicken the gravy. Intensive use of malai and ghee makes the entire Korma very rich and thick. Use of milk or water in kalia makes the dish light and healthy. Hence we can conclude it by saying that kalia can be consumed daily while korma can be eaten on ceremonial purpose only.

For this particular reason, Bengali people prefers to eat Katla Kalia as a part of their lunch but one crucial thing you have to keep in mind that richness of Kalia also varies from home to home. 


Kosha Mangsho Bengali style:

Kosha mangsho is also known as mutton kosha, and it can be listed as one of the most iconic Bengali dishes. It takes a lot of patience to cook kosha mangsho because in kosha mangsho entire cooking process is carried out over a low flame. To prepare an authentic Bengali style kosha mangsho one has to cook the gravy for a long time unless and until it changes its colour to dark brown and mutton should be cooked till the time when it becomes enough tender that it will get melt inside the mouth when someone will taste it.

Golabari can be considered as one of the oldest food joints present in Kolkata located in sham Bazar which is famous for its kosha mangsho.  

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